“There are a handful of writers in this country who are capable of taking a hugely broad subject and tailoring it to a magazine’s audience. Trevor is one of them.” — Laas Turnbull, editor, Report on Business Magazine

I worked at the Globe and Mail as a magazine editor for 12 years before getting the opportunity to turn full-time to writing. For three years I was a senior writer at Report on Business Magazine, holding one of the very few senior staff-writing jobs in Canadian magazines.

Every year during that period, despite knowing virtually nothing about business when I started, I was lucky enough to win a national award for my work. One of my stories during this period, "Nickeled and Damned" — about the town of Placentia, Nfld. and how it came to pin all its economic hopes on a promised Inco refinery that never came — was featured in an anthology of the 25 best stories in 25 years in Canadian magazines. On this page are links to some of my more recent pieces, mostly written for Toronto Life magazine.

Back in the Game
A profile of Jose Bautista

Gold Bars, Tall Tales and Hangovers
Scenes from the world’s largest mining convention

The CEO of the year you’ve probably never heard of
A profile of Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke

The Reluctant Heir
A profile of Canadian billionaire David Thomson

Being Stuart Mclean
A profile of the Canadian radio personality

Matters of the Flesh
A profile of plastic surgeon Trevor Born

Blame Canada
A profile of Montana Senator Max Baucus

Lessons in Luxury Real Estate
A somewhat sardonic look at Toronto’s luxury real estate sales industry

The Player
A profile of the late politician Jack Layton